LIVE 2.0 Marseille 10 ans des Messes Synthétiques

Groupe-T sera aux Messes Synthétiques le 13 septembre 2013.

Titres inédits en concert, son entièrement refait à neuf, plus d’une heure de show…nous entendons célébrer de notre mieux les 10 ans d’une association exceptionnelle tant par le choix de sa programmation que par le public qu’elle a su rassembler durant déjà une décennie.

Il nous tarde d’y être ! Hou-ha !

Electronic Sequels is out !

Here it is, Groupe T is proud to present you ten brand new songs to move, dance and protest !

As its name implies, Electronic Sequels is a sort of « Electronic Warfare part II », with very identifiable sources of inspiration. No challenge to anyone though, Groupe T’s just using a music we understand to express its mood in a world going down deeper and deeper. With a year spent watching the crisis strangling mankind a little more, and nations waging war « in the name of democracy », it is no surprise that the lyrics are a little bit darker or colder than usual. But let’s remember the lessons of the Arab Spring : the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

 Download it here !


Groupe T official website is open !

It’s open ! At last…

Groupe T is proud to present you its website. Here you’ll find our production as usual, and some other stuffs related to our EBM-Industrial band.

Already available is a selection of live recordings, and VERY SOON, the second part of the Electronic Warfare serie as well, including 10 new tracks that should remind you another band.

In 2012 shall also be released a new « Fraction Disco », but in a genre that we’ve never tried before…More about that later.

And of course we wish you all the best for the year to come !

Keep on fighting !

Groupe T